Renovating Your Bathroom & Adding a Barrier-free Shower

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Renovating Your Bathroom & Adding a Barrier-free Shower

10 January 2018
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The bathtub with its high walls and limited space has long been the fixture of choice in bathrooms, but let's face it, they are not that attractive and stepping in and out of the tub when you want to shower can become harder as you get older. What is the solution? A free-standing shower and custom barrier free shower design can add a beautiful touch to the room and make life easier.

Space and Design

Redesigning the bathroom and making the space work more efficiently should be part of any renovation. There are so many ways to improve the way the space is used and getting help from an architect can be the best place to start. If the room is small, it might be hard to envision a way to increase the useful space without adding on or taking space from an adjacent room but an architect will often see ways to make the space you have work better. They can create a drawing or plan for you or work with your contractor directly.

Barrier Free Showers

These shower systems are a great option for any bathroom and with the open concept of the shower, they are a great fit for people with disabilities that need easier access. At first glance, these showers look like they are just a part of the bathroom floor but when installed correctly, they have a very slight pitch to them that keeps the water flowing toward the drain, not out into the bathroom. In large bathrooms, these shower can be made very large and allow for several shower heads, wall jets, and steam jets if you want them. The biggest problem you might have with a shower like this is convincing yourself to get out of it.

Doors, Curtains, or Nothing at All

The design of the barrier-free shower allows you to leave the front open if you choose. Some people will want to place a shower curtain to add some privacy and that can be done very easily. Talk to your installer about adding a rod to the open side of the shower to accommodate that. Some designs will have glass doors on them and still others will have glass with a design etched in it. Adding grab handles, seating, and a removable shower head make these showers flexible enough for everyone in the family to use if you decide to share that is. Whatever options you want to consider, having the custom shower can allow you to create a space that is comfortable for you.