3 Tips To Help Employers Find New Hires

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3 Tips To Help Employers Find New Hires

20 November 2017
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When you are in the position of hiring people, it may seem like it is a matter of choosing among many suitable applicants. Unfortunately, the recruitment and hiring process can be more complex, leading to difficulties filling vacancies. There are strategies you can use to improve the likelihood of finding new employees.

Work With Colleges

Many employers freely attend job fairs that may be offered by local colleges, but it pays to work closely with colleges and their job placement or alumni affairs. One of the major advantages of working closely with a college is you know the educational program students must complete to obtain their degree. When you feel like students graduating from a specific program have met your rigorous standards, you can easily narrow the pool of potential employees. Since students nearing graduation and those who have graduated will likely seek services provided by the college to find a job, it is much easier to match openings in your business with prospective applicants. Do not be hesitant to reach out to colleges beyond the local area, especially if you have remote positions or offer relocation assistance.

Don't Overlook Temp Agencies

Even if you are looking for permanent employees, temp agencies can be an excellent resource for finding employees who are a good fit for your business. Utilizing a temp agency decreases the time spent on the recruitment and hiring process because many of the details are handled by the agency. Although some employers may assume temp agencies are only for unskilled workers, this is untrue. There are numerous prospective employees affiliated with temp agencies including recent grads and people with significant professional experience. It is much easier to find a suitable candidate when the temp agency has significant information on their interests, previous jobs, and skills, than hiring someone based on a few credentials, but not much information about their ability to match with the job or your work environment.

Ask For Help

When you have tried numerous options but you continue to have problems filling vacancies or your rarely hire the right person, you may need extra help. For example, consultants who specialize in human resources, benefits management, and other aspects pertinent to your business may offer you insight into internal problems. Some common problems are not offering the appropriate amount of compensation for the position, unpleasant work environments, or no opportunities to grow within the company. You may also experience problems if your human resource professionals do not have the tools necessary to find the right person. There may be certain personality types or skills that would help an employee do well, but your hiring team may not make this connection.

When you face hiring problems, it is often a matter of utilizing other services, like employer job placement services, to find the right candidate or taking a realistic look at what you can offer future employees.